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Restaurant/Bar {POS}

How to book table and print KOT.

Book new Restaurant Table is very simple process. It takes only few second.

Step 1
Click on "Restaurant" Link left Sidebar of page. OR press [F3] Button of your Keyboard.


you are able to book table by dashboard.
"Go to Dashboard and click on Restaurant Tab if you have both Room & Restaurant Dashboard Access & click on table icon.

After click on "Restaurant" Tab Restaurant dashboard appear and you are able to click on new table with GREEN color.

Step 2

When you click on table you will get a restaurant Order taking form with auto table & POS.

Select order from menu list > add quantity
Add button to add more items in the order
After that you can select print button to get the order print for kitchen

How to delete KOT

Step 1

If you wan't to delete KOT go to order form if you are not. In order form you will get a RED "Delete" button if you are not take a final invoice print.

If you click on delete button the KOT item will delete from you order list and you are able to enter new Menu Item.

How to retake order.

If you wan't to take more order in running table so we have two way to retake order.


Click on Already taken order CheckBox on "Order Form".

When you will click on this CheckBox you will get a running table list and then you will able to select table no and press show button. After click on show button you will get a already running table order list.


Press "F4" ShortCut Key or go to "View final Billing" tabl or Restaurant order form.

When you will click on this button we will redirect you to table running order list page and then you click on Retake Order button.

How to settle table.

For restaurant table settlement Press "F4" ShortCut key or go to View Final Billing Tab.

Afte go to this page you will found "Continue" button or runnign order.

Then click on Continue button you will get Final Billing details on "Final Billing" Tab.

On this page Invoice will be ready for print
You can settle this Invoice
"With cash"
"With bank"
"With Room Transfer "
If this is the room transfer , just selct Room transfer and select the room number where this Invoice has to be transferred , by doing this the amount will directly goes in the Room Billing but you can take the signature of the guest for future reference.