Room Reservation

How do i Check-in Room?
Check-In on PMS is very simple process. It takes only few second to check-in

Step 1
Click "Check-In" tab in the left sidebar of page.

Step 2

Please fill the following check-In form correctly
- First Name
- Last Name
- Valid Email Address
- Country
- & Room details

Also do not forget to select Master room if you done group Check-In

You can check in the room with 2 different ways
  1. Just by selecting and clicking  the room number you want to check in and fill the details as per needed ( this is an easy way to check in  single room booking)
  2. You can take the photo shot of the customer by webcam
  3. Identity details as License / Visa / Passport
  4. Reminder if there is any reminder from the customer
  5. Room rates will be automatically comes from the database , but you can edit the rates.
  6. If you are taking advance against the room you can mentioned the advance amount in the check in form
  7. If taxes are exempted you can select tax exempted
  8. Discount – if you are offering the discount on rooms you can have the discount
  9. Agent – if this room booked by agent you can fill agent details, you can select the agent , create agent from Finance Agent list
  10. If this is the group checkin , you have to make one room as master room  o that if you check out the master room all rooms will be checked out on single otherwise you can also do the separate checkout too


How do i Room Check Out?

Click the room number you want to check out ,from will be open.

After click on room you will get a Half/None/Full payment option for current day and then further you will redirect to check-out process form.

Check-Out Form

you can settle the amount with bank / cash or agent as credit with this form and can print the receipt .

How do check Guest In-house details?

Click "Guest In-House" link in the left sidebar of page.

After click you will redirect to Guest In-house list page.

Get All room booking list.

Click on "Room booking details" link in the left sidebar of page & get the room booking list.

After click you will redirect to Room booking details page.

How we add Addon Package into room.

Click on Package link in "Room booking details"

After click on "Package" link you will get a form to add package.

After enter Addon Package details press "Submit" button.

How we get online booking details.

Go to room booking details page by "Room Booking Details" Link

After open this page click on "View Email" link if booking done by online.

After click on view email link you will get a Email Popup.